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"Yes, Mary!!  I received your beautiful earrings today in the mail, and immediately wrote you a note....  A little package can hold a lot of cheer."

      — Ms. Mercedes E., New York, NY

Image TK

Image TK

Image TK

"They are BEAUTIFUL!!  Thank you so much!  OK if I share your note and pics of them?  ...And remember, for everyone there is a hat!"



  — Ms. Ruth M.S. Chesterfield/

      Petersburg, VA

"Perfect — thank you!  I love your work!"  

— Ms. Carol S., saxophone/flute/voice, composer,

     arranger, author, translator; Astoria, NY

"Your necklace and earrings were a hit at Lunacon with my steampunk outfit.  Perfect.  Thank you.” 

            — Ms. Ivana L., New York, NY

"I was your first customer!  I have several of your necklaces and earrings.  Your work is beautiful."  

     — Ms. Keisha St. J., jazz vocalist, arranger, harpist,

         President of Cherokee Nation NY; Brooklyn, NY

"Hi, Mary.  Look who won your jewelry last night ---

this little girl was SO happy!” 

     — Surayah White, astronomer & event coordinator  

         AAA Spring Starfest, Woodlawn, Bronx, NY

         (Ms. H.L. & her mother; photo by astronomer Tom Haeberle)

"I own several of these 'art pieces,' elegant, fun, special.” 

        — Ms. Queenie, New York, NY